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Your home equity by paying sit amet seeturlit sed dolor se equity

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    Search up-to-date home listings and get connected with a top-rated real estate agent

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    Our Home Loan Experts are available to answer all your mortgage questions.


Learning Center

Learn everything you can about mortgages from our top of the line loan officers

  • How Do You Qualify For A Loan?

    Make payments. See past transactions. Review mortgage documents. Enroll in paperless statements. Access your tax and insurance information. See escrow changes.

  • A Good Lender Will Clearly Explain Mortgage?

    Conventional loans FHA loans (including FHA Streamlines) VA loans (including Interest Rate Reduction Refinance loans) Jumbo loans

  • How low can my Credit Score be for a Mortgage?

    ou can get approved with a credit score as low as 580, as long as you meet our other eligibility criteria. Check your credit score through our sister company, Allied First®. Keep in mind that the score we use might be slightly different from the one you get from your credit card company or other source. We use a FICO® Score, but educational sources might use a different credit scoring model, such as a VantageScore. We still encourage you to apply even if you think your score is slightly below 580. Our free Fresh Start program can help you boost your credit

  • What can I expect my closing costs to be?

    If you want to estimate how much you’ll need to bring to the closing table, it depends on whether you’re buying or refinancing. If you’re buying a home, plan to have at least 3% of the purchase price for a down payment and between 3% and 6% of the purchase price for closing costs. Check out our closing cost estimator to see what that could look like for you.

  • How competitive are Allied First Bank rates?

    You’ll get our best rates by starting your application online. You can see today’s rates and learn how rates are trending on our Mortgage Rates page. Going with the lowest rate might seem smart, given how much interest you pay over the life of a mortgage. But there are times when choosing the lowest rate might not make the most sense.

  • Why should I use Allied First Bank?

    Allied First® lets you work at your own pace, while providing award-winning customer service and expert advice. It lets you apply online, anytime, at your convenience – which means it’s there when you need a fast approval to buy a house or a way to lock your rate when rates drop.


People Are Saying


Jonny King

Friend For Life!

Allied First Bank made purchasing our first home such a painless and smooth process. Marcus was amazing at explaining and educating us on all the different loan options out there. He helped us choose the right option for us. Highly! Highly recommend Marcus and his team!! Such a great and expectational experience!



Enton gov inc.
Awesome Agency

David from Allied Mortgage, had refinanced a home for us and did so well that when we sold that home, I reached out to him for a new home loan! He is so pleasant to work with and keeps you updated on the process!



Recommending Mortgage

My loan officer Nate Watson was the best. He was very kind and very professional and I could tell he really wanted to help me . He explained every thing to me step by step and was very patient with me answering all of my questions as our loan options changed. He is very good at what he does and I am very happy with my new loan. Thank you so much for everything Nate and Happy New Year.


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